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Basic posture

 We have one goal only. We shall build a fair workplace and sound business relationship and contribute to the development of society through work. Our business would be based on fairness and our mission should be enriching society.

Basic policy

  • 1. We shall recognize the social responsibility and public mission of the business, and conduct sound business operations.
  • 2. We shall Compliance the law.
  • 3. We are strongly aware of "self-responsibility," that means the responsibility of our company, and conduct fairly and transparently business based on the principle of self-responsibility.
  • 4. We put customer safety and satisfaction first and provide products and services at reasonable prices sincerely.
  • 5. We respect human rights and contribute to the sound development of the company.
  • 6. We shall respect different cultural traditions and customs in times of internationalization.
  • 7. We shall take against antisocial forces with resolute attitude.
  • 8. We strive to leave a richer environment and a fair society for future generations.
  • 9. When we face with esoteric ethical issues, we shall actively create a solution that everyone should be satisfy.
  • 10. We shall pay close attention to the proper management and operation of information from customers and business partners and personal information.

Norm of conduct (Compliance items)

  • 1. Our norm of conduct for customers

     A thought about ​"company profit" does not justify made a profit by a fraudulent way. We shall comply with the law and its spirit, follow the principle of self-responsibility, and conduct fairly and transparently business with all our customers.

    • ・Awareness of confidentiality
    • ・Awareness of product liability
    • ・Exclusion of mutual back-scratching with customer.
    • ・Proper display of products and services.
    • ・Development of products and services that meet with customer needs.
    • ・System that can respond with complaints and requests
    • ・Compliance of contracts
    • ・Sincere manner
    • ・Elimination of personal favoritism trading
    • ・Quality assurance system
  • 2. Our conduct range for our business partners and other institutions

     In order to conduct fair transactions, we shall make our relationships with suppliers, regulators and other organizations and individuals who are contacting on business fairly and transparently.

    • ・Conduct range for Quality, Price and Delivery control.
    • ・Fairly trading
    • ・Prohibition of excessive gifts and reception.
    • ・Wholesome relationship with civil servants.
    • ・Selection of fairly business partners.
    • ・Prohibition of rebate requests
    • ・Respond to other convenience provision.
  • 3. Our conduct range for investors

     We shall conduct business with valuable funds that we have received from our shareholders and creditors. Therefore, we have a responsibility to conduct our business safely and efficiently, and to explain our business correctly for investors.
    In order to fulfill these responsibilities, we shall promote proper accounting report, full internal audits and proactive disclosure.

    • ・Timely information disclosure.
    • ・Emphasis on internal audits.
    • ・Exact record.
    • ・Communication with investors.
  • 4. Our conduct range for Society

     We have countless stakeholders other than our customers, clients, investors, employees and local residents. We fulfill our legal and social responsibilities for them.

    • ・Compliance with related business laws.
    • ・Compliance with Antimonopoly Law and Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors.
    • ・Compliance with tax law.
    • ・Confrontation with antisocial forces.
    • ・Compliance with insider trading regulations.
    • ・Respect for intellectual property
    • ・Report / investigation cooperation to the authorities
  • 5. Our norm of conduct to create a better corporate culture

     Openness corporate culture is a major premise for securing compliance.
     We shall create a better corporate culture by each of our efforts.

    • ・Prohibit discrimination.
    • ・Protect personal information.
    • ・Prohibition of harassment
    • ・Moderate habits
  • 6. Our conduct range as a member of the organization

     Employees are responsible for acting from the perspective of "company profit."
     Therefore, we will never take any action that damages to company for the benefit of ourselves or a third party, or use tangible and intangible company property privately.

    • ・Compliance with internal rules, etc..
    • ・Respect for company property.
    • ・Careful treatment for closed information
    • ・Attitude toward politics and administration
    • ・External public relations.
    • ・Appropriate use of information systems
    • ・Prohibition of conflict interest
    • ・Fairly expense managing, etc.
    • ・Consciousness of information management on a daily basis.
    • ・Issue external documents
    • ・Understanding and support of shareholders and creditors.
    • ・Common sense behavior.

Whistleblowing system

  • 1. Purpose of whistleblowing system
     We shall early detection and correction of unfair practices and we shall aim to strengthen compliance management by establishing the mechanism of proper processing of consultations or reporting about organizational or personal violations of laws from employees.
  • 2. About whistleblowing
     Whistleblower is a system that employees who are aware an occurrence or risk of non-compliance such as violation of laws and fraud at a company report or consult directly to a predetermined window.
  • 3. Self-check of conduct
     Even if the situation is very complicated and difficult to judge, we shall consult with your direct superior or related departments, or report or consult with whistleblowing system. Each of us must speak out our thoughts without leaving it alone by busy daily work.
     The important thing is to be reexamined what we have been doing or what we have done and what we would be trying from point of view of compliance
  • 4. Reporter protection
     If there is any retaliation for a report or consultation, we shall investigate the facts and correct them immediately. If there are any problems, we shall speak out with courage.
     To do so shall create a comfortable workplace for us and it’s the best way for our company to earn the trust of society and the market.
     Moreover, regarding reporting and consultation using whistleblowing means, everyone's privacy would be protected, so we shall actively use it with relieve.
  • 5. Employee morals
     The attitude of leaving it to others, "It doesn't matter to me, someone else may solve it," or the irresponsible attitude, "Business is not beautiful, so anyone shall do it." It must make our company worse, but it wouldn't make it better.
     We shall courageously strive to practice ethics and compliance in order to create a rewarding workplace or workplace where we can work with pride.We shall never forget that, judgment criteria for ethical and compliance are in our own conscience, at the end.

Privacy policy

  • 1. Compliance with laws and norms
     We shall comply with laws and regulations related to protect personal information.
     Moreover, we shall establish an internal control system to protect personal information and comply with our information management rules that compliant with these laws and other norms.
  • 2. Acquisition and utilization of personal information
     We shall establish a management system to protect personal information and treat it properly in accordance with the prescribed rules in the collection, utilization and provision of personal information.
     After we should specify the purpose of use for personal information, we shall acquire the it by lawful and fairly means and shall not use it except specific purpose.
  • 3. Compliance of personal rights regarding personal information
     We shall not provide a third party with personal information except for we have obtained approval or legal procedure in advance. We shall respond sincerely and quickly to inquiries regarding personal information and requests for disclosure.
  • 4. Proper management of personal information
     We shall manage access, restrict the means of taking out personal information and implement measures such as prevention of unauthorized access and strive to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leakage, etc. of personal information, to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.
    Moreover, we shall strive to improvement and rise for protect of personal information continually.