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OZC Lever Couplings

OZC Lever Couplings are used in all fields such as petroleum, science, steel, food and beverages due to the quality through our volumes of experience and achievements.OZC Lever Couplings are designed based on US military standards (A-A-59326, MIL-C27487), with strict quality and final inspection with final delivery to the customer.
Connect by screwed
Connect by screwed
Reduce operating time with OZC lever coupling
Reduce operating time
with OZC lever coupling

About OZC Lever Couplings

The OZC lever coupling is a lever operating type industrial fitting.
It’s called “ Lever Lock” or “Camlock” by people at field.
The operation way is simple, and it can be connected surely by operating the lever.
Screw and flange at field would be spent some tool and long time to connect or disconnect.

The OZC Lever Coupling can be installed by simply operating by hand.
It greatly reduces the work time for tightening bolts and screws with tools.
There are no concerns about “over tightening" or "evenly tightening" during installation of tighten screws or bolts.

Fix the flange with bolts
Reduce work with OZC Lever Coupling

Reduce work with OZC Lever Coupling

We have four kind of body materials (Stainless steel, Aluminum, Polypropylene and Bronze) and eight kind of gaskets to accommodate various fluids and usage environments.
We have male thread, female thread, hose shank and flange type.
Work time can be reduced by installing the coupling with valves, pipes, and hoses.